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Empowering learning and shaping futures. Discover our vision and values in action!


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Pines CEFR-based Curriculum

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MAIN Campus

Ideal English program for families, with engaging language activities and memorable weekend tours.

Supercharged English learning and basic skills development with our balanced class distribution.

Unparalleled accuracy and fluency enhancements as you engage in an additional one on one class.

Elevates listening comprehension, sentence construction, vocabulary, reading fluency, and speaking through 7 1-on-1 classes.

Maximizes English usage through balanced 1-on-1 and group classes, including flexible night-time study options.

Boost English fluency through personalized 1:1 classes in grammar, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, and speaking.

Attain stress-free English fluency through 1-on-1 classes, enhancing conversation, mastering sentence patterns, and boosting reading fluency.

Tailored with ample 1:1, self-study, and group options for listening and discussion, allowing students to select between Pattern or Discussion classes.

Elevate your TOEIC success with our program by refining spoken language skills while mastering the essentials for the exam.

Elevate your TOEIC success with our program by refining spoken language skills while mastering the essentials for the exam.

Provide opportunities for students of different levels to socialize in English, maximizing their exposure to the English language.
IELTS Campus

To enhance IELTS module courses understanding through initial learning modules .

Amplifies general IELTS test skills and English proficiency.

Ensured IELTS success with weekly mock tests, and valuable coaching on study strategies, and perks like free official IELTS test.

Provide opportunities for students of different levels to socialize in English, maximizing their exposure to the English language.
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International Managers

Efficient campus life under the care and guide of International Managers

Start your language journey with us. Pines International Academy guides you to success in your target language.

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“ One on one class is good because you can ask about everything to your teacher from your book or anything about Baguio. My teacher is very good, she teaches IELTS class before and she thought me how to improve on my writing skills. She put a lot of effort to edit my write-up. ”

Oct 27, 2023

“ I chose Pines because I want to study speaking, and Pines is the most famous school in Baguio. ”

Jul 16, 2023

“ I am very happy with my roommates for they are very friendly with me and they introduce me to some students too. My course is Power ESL 7 with only 1:1 class, but I have night optionclasses that help me meet other students. We share and learn something together ”

Jun 30, 2023

“ When I studied in Japan, there are American teachers, England teachers (and a lot more). They have good pronunciation, good communication skill and good grammar skills, but I think that Pines teachers are very good. ”

May 12, 2023

“ I didn't expect that I would enjoy studying English, but I do, and I am sure you will enjoy your class. There are many courses in pines that you can choose from. You can even enroll in an option class after finishing your regular classes if you want. You can concentrate completely on your English. ”

Feb 21, 2023

“ I'm well satisfied with my stay at Pines Academy. My English improved in all areas, from speaking to writing. I can now express myself well because of my interactions with my teachers and friends from other countries. ”

Baba Yuri
Dec 03, 2022

“ Thank you so much for the knowledge and friendships I gained in this Academy. Studying at Pines is my precious living abroad experience, where I met other nationalities with whom I understand cultures. ”

Tuong Thi Thuy Linh
Nov 06, 2022

“ I was satisfied with my study at Pines Academy. The teachers are friendly and kind. I made friends who encouraged me to reach my dreams. Being at Pines is my kind of environment- I felt safe. ”

Urara Shiga
Sep 25, 2022

“ I would like to express my sincere thanks to the school administrator and teachers. You have given me the most wonderful experience over the past three months. ”

Tran Nguyen Huuthanh
Aug 28, 2022

“ The classes at Pines were very accurate and interesting. The different programs exceeded my expectations but were beginner-friendly. Pines i a great English school with great teachers. ”

Unur Lkhaguadorj
Jul 30, 2022

“ I recommend Pines International Academy for English learners because all the courses, textbooks, and subjects are of a high standard quality. The teachers and staff were all professional and always smiling. ”

Su Wei-Hao
Jul 29, 2022

“ The outstanding abilities of the Pines Teachers in all my subjects amazed me. I achieved and improved more at Pines Academy than any other school I've been to. Thanks to my teachers who guided me throughout my 10-week stay at Pines. I'm blessed to have met you. I'm thankful for all the guidance and patience while I was going after my desired score. ”

Hong Sun Hye
May 07, 2022